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Electoral Roll Register

Searching the Electoral Roll register is a very quick & cheap way of Locating people or finding their address. In the UK the right to register for voting extends to most British, Republic of Ireland, Commonwealth and European Union citizen’s. These details are held on the Electoral Roll  / Register .

The electoral roll register is compiled for each polling district and has 2  principle formats. The full version of the electoral roll is made available for a supervised inspection by any person,It is this register that is used for voting and its supply or use is limited by law. Copies of the electoral roll  are available to certain groups or individuals, for example as credit reference agencies.

An 'edited' version of the electoral register can be searched instantly online. Both free and paid for searches are available in seconds.

So if you need to search for someone's address  or even to find who lived in your house between certain dates click on the 192 banners today and get the info you need in a matter of seconds.

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Searching the Electoral Roll Register is easy

To search the electoral roll or register you simply need the persons first name and surname, if you have a middle initial or idea where they may be living ie a radius of 4 miles from Northampton  this will help cut the number of results and enable you to find the person you are searching for faster.

click on the 192 or  banners to start your Electoral Roll Register search.